People in the Lab

John Burke, Principle Investigator [e-mail]
Distinguished Research Professor of Plant Biology
Ph.D. in Genetics (1999), University of Georgia
B.S. in Genetics & Cell Biology (1993), University of Minnesota

Emily Dittmar, Postdoctoral Research Associate [e-mail]
Ph.D. in Plant Biology (2017), Michigan State Univ
B.S. in Biological Sciences (2007), Cedar Crest College

Garrett Janzen, Postdoctoral Research Associate [e-mail]
Ph.D. in Genetics & Genomics (2019), Iowa State Univ
B.S. in Biology (2012), Nebraska Wesleyan Univ

Brian Park, Postdoctoral Research Associate [e-mail]
Ph.D. in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (2018), Yale Univ
B.A. in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution (2010), UC San Diego

Max Barnhart, Ph.D. Student [e-mail]
M.S. in Biological Sciences (2018), Univ of Buffalo
B.S. in Biological Sciences (2016), Univ of Buffalo

Ashley Earley, Ph.D. Student [e-mail]
B.A. in Biology (2015), Washington Univ, St. Louis

Lab Alumni

John Bowers – Assistant Research Scientist

Andrea Dixon – Postdoctoral Researcher
Adam Bewick – Postdoctoral Researcher
Savithri Nambeesan – Postdoctoral Researcher
Jonathan Corbi – Postdoctoral Researcher
Jennifer Mandel – Postdoctoral Researcher
Jessica Barb – Postdoctoral Researcher
Mark Chapman – Postdoctoral Researcher
Jennifer Dechaine – Postdoctoral Researcher
Jutta Burger – Postdoctoral Researcher
Aizhong Liu – Postdoctoral Researcher
Catherine Pashley – Postdoctoral Researcher

Rishi Masalia – Ph.D. Student
Ed McAssey – Ph.D. Student
Evan Staton – Ph.D. Student
Stephanie Pearl – Ph.D. Student
Natasha Sherman – Ph.D. Student
David Wills – Ph.D. Student

Tyler Fletcher – Research Technician
Jeff Roeder – Research Technician
Mike Payne – Research Technician
John Hvala – Research Technician
Jessica Wenzler – Research Technician
Ben Stephens – Research Technician
Tamara Berthel – Research Technician