Positions Available

Postdoctoral Researchers

We’re always on the lookout for talented postdoctoral researchers in the general area of plant evolutionary genetic and comparative genomics. Applicants should have a strong background in population/quantitative genetics, comparative genomics, and/or bioinformatics. To inquire about possibilities, please send your CV and a brief statement of research interests to: jmburke@uga.edu.

Graduate Research Opportunities

Graduate student positions are available for highly motivated individuals interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in plant evolutionary genetics and/or comparative genomics. Topics of interest include the evolution of crop plants, the ecological and evolutionary consequences of crop-wild gene flow, and the genetic/genomic basis of abiotic stress tolerance. Applications to the Plant Biology graduate program at UGA are accepted through the Integrated Plant Sciences portal. Click here for application details.

General inquiries can be made via e-mail to: jmburke@uga.edu.