Our Publications

— 2019 —

Eltarabily, M.G., J.M. Burke, and K.M. Bali. 2019. Effect of deficit irrigation on nitrogen uptake of sunflower in the low desert region of California. Water 11: 2340. [pdf]

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— 2018 —

Masalia, R.R., A.A. Temme, N. de leon Torralba, and J.M. Burke. 2018. Multiple genomic regions influence root morphology and seedling growth in cultivated sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) under well-watered and water-limited conditions. PLoS ONE, 13: e0204279. [pdf]

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— 2017 —

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— 2016 —

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— 2015 —

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— 2014 —

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— 2013 —

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— 2012 —

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— 2011 —

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— 2010 —

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— 2009 —

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— 2008 —

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— 2007 —

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— 2006 —

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— 2005 —

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— 2004 —

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— 2003 —

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— 2002 —

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— 2001 —

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— 1998 —

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— 1996 —

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